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Watercolour Landscape for Beginners

32 USD or INR 2000

Details: Number of sessions- 4

Session 1:
Covers all the basic techniques of watercolour that we use in watercolour paintings. eg., wet on wet, wet on dry, dry on dry, underpainting etc. Explains how to create volume. Introduction of Colour theory.
Duration : 130 mins

Session 2:
Covers painting techniques for village huts and also simple landcsape paintings with the detail explation.
Duration: 114 mins

Session 3:
Covers One point Perspective drawing with few example sketches.
A Landscape painting using one point perspective
Duration: 118 mins

Session 4:
Covers Basics of composition theory using Rules of third and Focal point.
Landscape paintings with composition rules.
Duration: 120 mins

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