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Watercolour Floral for Beginners

42 USD or INR 3000

To Buy sign up as a member and Whatsapp at +917462097976
  • Watercolour (Artist quality)

  • Brushes - Mop Brush, Round Brush (Number 4 , 10 &12),

  • Angular Brush (Princeton velvetouch Angle Shader  1/4" or 3/8")

  • Watercolour Paper - Cold Pressed(CP), 300gsm

  • Spray bottle

  • Masking Tape

Details: Number of sessions- 4

Session 1:
Covers all the basic techniques of watercolour that we use in floral paintings. eg., wet on wet, wet on dry, dry on dry. Explains how to create volume for the flowers and basic strokes.
Duration : 86 mins

Session 2:
Covers basic paintings of poppy flower using different techniques.
Duration: 109 mins

Session 3:
Covers Colour Theory and basics of angular brush strokes.
Painting of peony flower using agular brush.
Painting of white Lisianthus to show volume n angular strokes.
Duration: 174 mins

Session 4:
Covers Basics of composition theory using Rules of third and Focal point.

  1. Painting of  Floral composition with choosing focal point.

      Duration: 120 mins

   2. ​Panting of poppy in loose style

      Duration: 32 mins

   3. Painting of a Peony by considering Rule of 


     Duration: 90 mins

In project you are going to make your own painting by using reference provided to you.
In addition to that there are demos of 3 more paintings

Duration: 150 mins

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