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Oil Painting Tutorials for Beginners

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Materials Required for Oil Painting

  • Oil Colors (Artist quality)

  • Linseed Oil

  • Brushes - Set of Flat Hog Brushes, and set of Synthetic Flat Brushes

  • Watercolor Paper (optional) - Cold Pressed(CP), 300gsm( For session 1 Only)

  • Canvas Board (I have used 11" x15" canvas board)

  • Turpentine oil(Paint thinner) to clean your Brush

  • Pallet

  • A rug cloth 

Details: Number of Sessions- 3

Session 1:
Covers the basics of Oil painting tone mixing technique.
Painting of two cherries by applying the above mentioned technique
Duration : 90 mins

Session 2:
This session has a demonstration of a Landscape with a Alla Prima (wet on wet) method
Duration : 140 mins

Session 3:
This session has a demonstration of a Mountain Scape using traditional method of painting layer on layer, allowing the paint to dry in between each layer.
Duration : 157 mins

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