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Watercolour Floral for Intermediates

USD 48 or INR 3500

  • Watercolour (Artist quality)

  • Brushes - Mop Brush, Round Brush (Number 4 , 10 &12),

  • Angular Brush (Princeton velvetouch Angle Shader 1/4" or 3/8")

  • Watercolour Paper - Cold Pressed(CP), 300gsm

  • Spray bottle

  • Masking Tape

Details: Number of sessions- 5
Number of Paintngs : 8

Session 1:
Covers all the basic techniques of watercolour that we use in floral paintings. Explains how to create volume for the flowers and basic angular brush strokes.
Duration : 90 mins

Session 2:
Loose painting of yellow daisey
Duration : 86 mins

Session 3:
Covers Colour Theory and basics of angular brush strokes.
2 Painting -1. peony flower   2. Chinese roses using angular brush.
Duration: 137 mins

Session 4:
1. Loose painting of Red Peony
2. Bunch of Roses

Duration : 126 mins

Session 5:
Covers Basics of composition theory using Rules of third and Focal point.
 Paintings: 3
3 different  floral compositions.

Duration: 340 mins

In project you are going to make your own painting by using reference provided to you.
In addition to that there are demos of 3 more paintings

Duration: 120 mins

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